How Inflation Affects Our Mental Health

Marcia Sirota
1 min readJul 12, 2022

Lately, we’ve noticed that the prices of food and gas have sky-rocketed. This is the last thing we need after 2 years of unrelenting stress. Covid has pushed us to the limit, and just when we thought we couldn’t handle anymore, we’re now having to deal with inflation rates that haven’t been as high in almost 40 years. A survey concluded that inflation has caused a lot of stress for Canadians lately, especially from the increasing grocery prices.

It’s important that we notice the signs of stress in ourselves and that we deal with our mental health proactively. Inflation rates are likely to go even higher and we need to optimize our self-care if we don’t want to decompensate psychologically.

I’m hosting an online community event on July 21st at 12:30 pm Eastern Time, to talk about how inflation rates and a higher cost of living can make us feel worried and anxious.

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Marcia Sirota

Writer, speaker, MD, and author of the Short & Sweet Guides to Life book series